SimCity BuildIt – The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

SimCity BuildIt was designed after the tremendous success of the original SimCity published in 1989. It is a spinoff of the original SimCity game and is developed for Android and iOS with an open-ended city-buildinggameplay developed by Tracktwenty and published by Electronic Arts. The game is free, though it does have quite a few in-app purchases. The game has been downscaled so that it could fit the smartphone operating systems.

Like all the other SimCity games, this game requires players to build a city from a mere green patch of land. There are three zones that the player needs to develop for the Sims to live in – the residential zones are where the Sims live and have their houses, the commercial zones are for shops and offices for the Sims to work in, and the industrial zones have farms, labs, and factories.

The players also have to make sure that the citizens, the Sims, are happy. For this, there should be some established services and amenities. This all should be done and kept in a budget so that the economy remains stable.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats, Tricks, and Tips

There are some Simcity Buildit hacks that you absolutely need to know like in order to excel at the game.

Expand Your Population for Success

To get the Sims to move into your city, you need to make and upgrade the residential zones as much as possible. This would mean that more Sims would move into your houses and you would get more tax. You can then use this tax to make some parks and spend it on the beautification of your city. This is going to make your citizens happy, which would get you coins from the city hall on a daily basis.

Where the Residential Area Is

You need to see what surrounds your residential zones. Are they surrounded by pollution? Fires? Traffic problems? If yes, then this would make your citizens unhappy. Place your fire and police stations near your residential buildings, causing a positive effect on your citizens and leasing to more tax for you.

Pave the Way

Do not be afraid to spend the money on the customization of your city. You can move the buildings around, keep reorganizing your city, and make better roads and streets. This would make your citizens happy and give you even more tax and coins.

Manage Factories Even When Offline

When you start the game, get your factories to produce items that are really basic, such as raw materials like metal, plastic, wood, seeds, and minerals, instead of starting with larger production. This would be beneficial for you as it would then be transported to the shops that can make their own products with these basic materials. If you are going offline for a while, start making items that would take a long time to be manufactured. This way, when you come back, you would have your item ready for use and sell.

Learning Strategies of Clash of Clans

When you start playing Clash of Clans, you will feel the game to be very easy. You have a limited number of troops that you have to manage and fewer resources are required to upgrade things. Moreover, it is quite easy in the beginning to win battles and get three shining stars.

However, once the levels go higher, more is at stake and the more difficult it becomes to win and acquire resources. Also, it is a bit difficult to know where to place what building, defense, and trap to get maximum benefits and protect the resources and townhall in the best way.

While playing Clash of Clans, I found that I had to face these difficulties too and, thus, searched for ways to get better outcomes and fast. I’m sharing them here so that more people could benefit from it.

For Beginners

According to most players, the first two to three days are very important. When you log into Clash of Clans for the first time, you can see the tutorials. It is highly recommended to follow them because a lot of the basics would be covered through them.

If you haven’t had the chance to complete the tutorial, you need to remember that it is not compulsory to use gems to speed up the process. Rather, you should wait for the construction time to end. Gems are a very important resource and are very difficult to get, so keep that in mind and try not to use them on things that aren’t all that important like speeding up the construction/upgradation process.

Resource Collection

When it comes to mines, try to wait before upgrading the townhall until you have built all the gold mines and elixir collectors, or started using a clash of clans hack tool. Keep away from defenses such as walls for the first three days as you would have a 3-day shield which wouldn’t let anyone attack your village. Collect all the resources in the meantime so that you can upgrade and build other necessary things.

Basic Defense

When less than 24 hours are left on the shield, it is time to build and upgrade defenses and walls. The shield can be deactivated prior to its allotted time if you go searching for a battle. Try not to do this and wait for the shield to deactivate by itself.

When planning defenses, make sure you don’t leave any holes in it. The white blocks around any building when it is being moved show the places where the opponent can place their army. This means that even if you have the highestlevel walls, if they are placed outside those white blocks, the opponent would be able to get inside easily by deploying their army there.

The thing to remember is to never place archers outside or at the edge of the walls. They are really good attackers, but their defense is weak. Place them somewhere in between so that they can attack the opposition without being damaged themselves.

Defense for Pros

When you are on a higher TH level, the things mentioned above may seem like a piece of cake. What you might want to know now is how to save a lot of resources that are being stored. Well, the first thing you need to do is not to save all the resources. Whenever you win a battle or a clan war, you would get a huge amount of gold, elixir and dark elixir and use the most of it on upgrades and building new buildings. When you do this, you become an unfavorable target for players searching for multiplayer battles as they are usually aiming for higher loots themselves.

Try to upgrade your defenses first before going to other buildings. Start research in the laboratory and buy even more defenses.

The other way to be desirable is if you have a lot of gold mines and elixir collectors because if you don’t regularly collect the resources, they would get stolen. Try to put them somewhere in the middle of the village. Moreover, spread the storages and mines so that they don’t look too inviting. The closer all the resource buildings and storages are, the easier it looks to any opponent because it feels like you are presenting it to them on a silver platter, wrapped in silk.

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