SimCity BuildIt – The Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

SimCity BuildIt was designed after the tremendous success of the original SimCity published in 1989. It is a spinoff of the original SimCity game and is developed for Android and iOS with an open-ended city-buildinggameplay developed by Tracktwenty and published by Electronic Arts. The game is free, though it does have quite a few in-app purchases. The game has been downscaled so that it could fit the smartphone operating systems.

Like all the other SimCity games, this game requires players to build a city from a mere green patch of land. There are three zones that the player needs to develop for the Sims to live in – the residential zones are where the Sims live and have their houses, the commercial zones are for shops and offices for the Sims to work in, and the industrial zones have farms, labs, and factories.

The players also have to make sure that the citizens, the Sims, are happy. For this, there should be some established services and amenities. This all should be done and kept in a budget so that the economy remains stable.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats, Tricks, and Tips

There are some Simcity Buildit hacks that you absolutely need to know like in order to excel at the game.

Expand Your Population for Success

To get the Sims to move into your city, you need to make and upgrade the residential zones as much as possible. This would mean that more Sims would move into your houses and you would get more tax. You can then use this tax to make some parks and spend it on the beautification of your city. This is going to make your citizens happy, which would get you coins from the city hall on a daily basis.

Where the Residential Area Is

You need to see what surrounds your residential zones. Are they surrounded by pollution? Fires? Traffic problems? If yes, then this would make your citizens unhappy. Place your fire and police stations near your residential buildings, causing a positive effect on your citizens and leasing to more tax for you.

Pave the Way

Do not be afraid to spend the money on the customization of your city. You can move the buildings around, keep reorganizing your city, and make better roads and streets. This would make your citizens happy and give you even more tax and coins.

Manage Factories Even When Offline

When you start the game, get your factories to produce items that are really basic, such as raw materials like metal, plastic, wood, seeds, and minerals, instead of starting with larger production. This would be beneficial for you as it would then be transported to the shops that can make their own products with these basic materials. If you are going offline for a while, start making items that would take a long time to be manufactured. This way, when you come back, you would have your item ready for use and sell.